Friday, November 27, 2009

HTTPtunnel, Another way to tunnel your traffic to bypass firewalls

Like the title says, Httptunnel allows you to create a tunnel (non-encrypted i might add) so you can redirect ports or by pass firewalls. Its not the most preferred method to tunnel traffic as there is no encryption mechanism to keep your actions hidden like ssh tunneling or stunnel would offer. Never the less, its a easy utitility to get up and running quickly and works on both linux and windows system.


On the server [linux]:
For this, you are required to have some sort of service running locally. We are gonna use a webserver on port 80. Start the webserver and have a demo index.html page in the necessary folder so clients would be greeted with a page. Then run the httptunnel server as follows:
# ./hts -F 4444 //Listens on port 4444, and forwards all traffic to itself ( on port 80

On the client [windows]:

c:\>htc.exe -F 5555 //Listens on port 5555 and connects to the awaiting httptunnel server at on port 4444

Now on the client, open up a web browser and type in the url, If everything works fine, you should be greeted with the webpage at

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