Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sniffit, packet sniffer and monitoring tool

Sniffit is a nice little sniffer that gives you the ability to zoom in on already established connections and view the data. Its mainly useful in MITM situations. Picture being in the middle of a telnet session or in the middle of a netcat chat. With sniffit, you can watch the communications going back and forth and possible gaain the knowledge of confidential info.

To run sniffit:
# sniffit -i -F eth0 //opens up sniffit in [-i]nteractive mode and [-F]orces the program to listen on the specified interface

To listening in (zoom into) a connection just hit the Enter key. To get out of it, hit the "q" key. For some useful satatistics hit the "n" key. to completly close out of the program hit the "q" key again.

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