Friday, January 22, 2010

Easy File sharing with Minishare

What can i say, i love small, non-complex tools that get the job done and minishare happens to be one of them. Whenever i leave my house and want to be able access certain files from anywhere without haveing to set up FTP's (most of them tend to be vulnerable to some exploit anyways) and complex webservers. Minishare is the simplest and most elegant solution i've come across. Its quite intuitive to use, reading the user manual is far from necessary, its that easy. Simply run the server and start dragging and dropping your files that you want to share, thats all. To access the files remotely, simply point to the IP of that machine (external IP) using a web browswer and voila, you are presented with the files as a list, where you can click to download them as you please. Most important, its 100% free.

Note: Please download the latest versions of the application. In my previous blog, i blog about a buffer overflow vulnerability in version 1.4, that led to remote code execution. Latest version available at this posting is 1.54.

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