Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driftnet, - a sniffer for you(noob), but not so much for me

Although i can never find a situation where this tool becomes a must have for my security toolbox, maybe someone else might. Its a simple sniffer with a specific purpose. It looks for and captures images and can store them to a location you specify. Whats also cool about the tool is that it can display images instantly as they are seen across the wire in a little window panel that updates almost instantaneously. It only picks out jpeg and gif type images which is basically most of the images out on the internet anyways.

Drifnet also has the ability to sniff mpeg audio as well from the network and potentialy play them through a player such as mpg123.

#driftnet -h //help, lists other available commands

#driftnet -i eth0 //sniffs images and displays them instantly in a little window as it sees them across the wire. You would have to click on the image to save them in the current folder.

For more information on this tool, google has lots of info for you to discover and the man pages are almost always available to you in linux.

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