Monday, April 12, 2010

Image partitions with the linux tool Partimage

Just recently i was looking at some alternative partition cloning software to the one i frequently use, driveimagexml. Not that their was anything wrong with DriveImageXML, i just was looking for a linux alterative. Little did i know, built into backtrack 4 was a piece of software called partimage which would accomplish pretty much what i would want. As in my recent posts on dd, one disadvantage to dd is that it backs up an entire partition, not just the used space. So if you have a 10 gig partition and only 2 gigs is used up, dd would produce a 10 gig exact copy of the partition. Partimage however only backs up the used portion of the partition saving you time and space.

To launch/use partimage:
# partimage

This launches an n-curses based user interface which is far from complicated and the options doesn't really need much explanation

For more info on its usage, see or

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