Sunday, August 8, 2010

Using Ophcrack from da command line

First off, you need some rainbow tables (Get the ophcrack tables to avoid compatibility issues) from

You can also get the ophcrack program from that site as well.
I will be using BT4 which already has the ophcrack preinstalled.

unzip the rainbowtables into a folder.
Note: This here assumes you have your password hashes in the proper format as well. Programs such as pwdump6 and fgdump are good ones that produce compatible output for use with ophcrack.

# ophcrack -g -d path_to_rainbow_tables_dir/ -t path_to_rainbow_tables_dir/ -n 4 -f hashes.txt

'-d' - Path to rainbow tables
'-g' - do no run the GUI interface
'-t' - specify which table to use. Just putting the dir path to the table works for me
'-n' - number of threads to use
'-f' - path to hashes file obtained from programs like fgdump or pwdump

Of course you can always use the GUI by just typing 'ophcrack' from the command line.


  1. I fought and fought with the new Ophcrack 3.6.0. trying to get the unknown administrator password off of my new/used Vista driven Dell Inspiron 1525. It refused to open the GUI so I tried the text version for hours...experimenting with endless possible syntax that would let me view or even find the unwanted password. Finally I back-stepped and downloaded Ophcrack Ver. 3.4.0 and it all fell into place without a hitch.
    A few minutes later I was password free and setting up my "new to me" notebook. I don't know if it was the Vista Ultimate OS that choked up the latest Ophcrack but I kept reading amazing stories about how well it worked for finding lost and unknown passwords. It took me a while to realize all the feedback I was reading was from ver. 3.4.0.
    So there you have it. If you're pulling your hair out and cursing Ophcrack...stop...backup a few steps to when it was tried, tested and true!
    Great program!

  2. Thanks for the informative feedback. I have not used Ophcrack in quite awhile, so i would definitely keep your findings in mind.