Monday, May 23, 2011

Vicompress: http proxy server

Vicompress is an http proxy server, with the ability to cache requests in memory. It has a small footprint but because of its ability to cache contents in memory, it can eventually use up tons of memory resources. It has decent log statistics capabilities too and outputs to an html formatted page. Most important to me, setup and configuration is quite simple.


1 . Download the installation package from visolve website. In my case, i downloaded the .deb version of the package.

2. To install i used the command: # dpkg -i package-name


For details on all configuration parameters, go here

The default configuration would do just fine, but its useful to learn of its parameters
Here is a snapshot of my vicompress.conf configuration file:

listen 8080
enable_compression yes
enable_caching yes
cache_memory 200
max_cacheditem_size 10000
cache_expires 2
enable_dns_caching yes
dns_expires 2
user nobody
rotatesize 10
logformat squid
enable_debug no
accesslog /usr/local/vicompress/log/accesslog
errorlog /usr/local/vicompress/log/errorlog
errorpage /usr/local/vicompress/etc/errorpage.html
logstats /usr/local/vicompress/logstats

To start the server: # /usr/local/vicompress/bin/ start

To view the statistics of your proxy server, usually a report gets generated every hour. You can speed this process by issueing this command:

# cd /usr/local/vicompress
# ./bin/update_log_stats /log/accesslog logstats

To view the report issue: # firefox /usr/local/vicompress/logstats/statsindex.html

Resources / Goodreading:

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