Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SSH tunneling made easy with sshuttle.

It amazes me how many things you can do with ssh. They say netcat is the swiss army knfie networking tool, but ssh would be like the swiss army knife networking protocol. We know ssh is mainly used for remote administration via a terminal or command prompt, but it can also be used for other things like the tunneling of TCP connections. If you are familiar with this process, then you know how neat this can be, but configuring each port to be tunneled can get ugly. However, there is a cleaner and simpler way for tunneling your tcp connections over ssh using sshuttle. What you ultimatly get is a poor mans VPN. Once sshuttle is running, all your traffic will be proxied through an ssh connection (dns traffic can also be proxied if told to do so).

Here is an example of how i use sshuttle.

# ./sshuttle --dns -r username@remoteip.com 0/0

Resources / Good Reading:

sshuttle github

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