Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Various Server services: Best Practice - compilation

This blog post will combine some of the best resources that i could find regarding server setups and best practices. Services will include web server (http), ssh, ftp etc. Of course you can find these on your own but why go through dozens of search engine results just to find that 80% of them aern't that useful, when I've done most of the hard stuff for you :).

SSH server (openssh):

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

FTP server(vsftpd):
Link 1: Ubuntu Server documentation
Link 2: vsftpd virtual users
Link 3: vsftpd config options
Link 4: SFTP vs FTPS

Web Server (apache):
Link 1: apache.orgs tutorial collection (Best list)
Link 1:

Database server (mysql):
Link 1: ubuntu server documentation
Link 2:

dhcp server (dhcpd):
Link 1: Ubuntu server documentation
Link 2: Article at (very good read)

As i find more interesting articles, i will update this blog post. If you are interested in implementing any of the above services or just looking for some best practices, hopefully you will find these resources useful as i have.

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